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Falcon Chemicals Antifreeze Glass Water - 22 ° / 1 Liter

Product features.

Provides protection up to -22 degrees.
It prevents and melts the icing that may occur on the glass during travel.
Provides safer vision in unfavorable road conditions with its cleaning and stain remover properties.
It prevents the wiper water canister and the Sprinkler system from freezing in extreme cold weather.
It prevents calcification that may occur in the sprinkler system and hoses over time.
It does not cause foaming and does not stain and trace the glass.
It certainly does not damage vehicle paint, wiper blades and glass roving tires.
Rubber, Rubber, Acrylic etc. absolutely compatible with the materials.
For use at -22 degrees, use it without adding water.

Consumer's attention!!!

It is not used in all materials used daily in the living area, in cleaning any areas where hands, face, body and foodstuffs may come into contact.
Keep away from foodstuffs.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store the packaging upright.